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Welcome to the 180 Maintenance Program!

This program was created to help our clients maintain their mechanical systems. This includes furnace’s, hot water heater’s (tank & tankless), boiler’s, humidifier’s, water filter’s, and pretty much anything else in their mechanical room.

Why do preventative maintenance?

All devices require some kind of maintenance to ensure they continue operating effectively. Take your car for example. If you just drive it for years without any concern for the upkeep of the vehicle you run the risk of doing damage to the engine which could leave you stranded. The equipment in your mechanical room can be thought of in a similar way. By just letting things run and not paying attention to them, there could be something simple that could be fixed now, which would prevent something major down the road. Now, a furnace won’t leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, but if it breaks down at 3 am when it’s minus 3o degrees, you may feel like you are stranded in the middle nowhere. Also, getting someone to fix a furnace after hours will always cost more $$$ than a scheduled day-time appointment.

The way it works!

You decide the frequency of the visits and what you would like us to service. Then we put you on a maintenance schedule. When the scheduled maintenance date starts getting close, we will get in touch with you and book an appointment on a day and time that works best for you.

Benefits of the program:

Other than the ease of booking and convenience of not having to keep track of your maintenance, there are two main advantages;

  1. We keep a record of the model numbers and serial numbers of your equipment. This allows us to potentially troubleshoot issues over the phone and potentially pick up parts before we even walk in the door.
  2. Anyone that is part of the 180 Maintenance Program receives a 10% discount on all Scheduled Maintenance Visits after the first visit.

How do I sign up?

Either give us a call and we will sign you up over the phone OR click BOOK NOW and in description say “add me to the 180MP” with a list of what you would like serviced.

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